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Debbie Senestraro Suchan, CPA & Certified Myers Briggs Practitioner

In Parallel is a small, boutique consulting firm founded by Debbie Senestraro Suchan, CPA & Certified Myers Briggs Practitioner.

Debbie works with both individuals and organizations. Her work draws upon more than three decades as a financial professional and incorporates her counseling training and understanding of personality type theory.

Whether serving individuals, couples, growing businesses or nonprofits, Debbie helps people and organizations self-reflect, commit to a plan for growth, and take action steps that bring visible and measurable results.

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Team Building Using Myers Briggs Type Theory

Using Myers Briggs Type theory as the foundation, Debbie works with teams to help individuals better understand themselves and their colleagues.

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CFO/Controller Coaching

Success in the Controller and CFO roles requires a combination of technical and leadership skills. Debbie is uniquely skilled to provide coaching in both areas.

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Controller – CFO Hiring Assistance

A unique, full-scope service far exceeding the services provided by a traditional executive search firm (cost of this service is typically a fraction of an executive recruiter’s fee).

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Entrepreneur Business Coaching

As an entrepreneur starts to grow their business, it can be challenging to be faced with so many decisions and the need to be the “expert” in a myriad of disciplines.

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Facilitation of 360° Review Processes

Debbie maximizes the effectiveness of the 360-review process by providing the employee with both appraisal feedback and development feedback.

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Financial Coaching for Retirees

Coaching to address both the informational and behavioral aspect of having a healthy relationship with your money in the retirement season.

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Self-Understanding and Type

Using a Myers-Briggs based type assessment tool and meeting with you 1:1, Debbie will help you to better understand yourself and how you more effectively communicate with and relate to others.

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