While more than 85% of Fortune 500 companies currently use a 360 Degree review process for their managers and leaders, the process is often fraught with downsides that can backfire and negatively impact staff and morale.

Using a combination of feedback survey tools and 1:1 follow up conversations, Debbie facilitates a process that synthesizes the input solicited from supervisors, peers and direct reports, feeding those back to the manager in a way that promotes self-reflection and growth.

With the ability to incorporate MBTI theory and understanding into the process, Debbie maximizes the effectiveness of the 360-review process by providing the employee with both appraisal feedback and development feedback in light of that employee’s type and preferences.

This process is grounded in a strengths-based approach, keeping the focus on developing strengths and exploring ways to manage an employee’s “non-strengths,” versus typical review processes that too often focus too much on areas for improvement at the expense of harnessing and leveraging an employee’s areas of greatest strength.



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