From 2010 to 2018 I had the privilege of serving as the Chief Financial Officer and then the Strategic Business Officer for a Senior Living community located in Portland, Oregon:  Rose Villa.

My time with Rose Villa afforded me the opportunity interact with many retirees and gain a deep understanding of their financial questions and concerns.

What I witnessed time and again was retiree’s clear and deeply felt need to gain a greater understanding of their personal financial matters.   Retirees are often unsure who to go to for help or perhaps even what questions to ask once they secure that source of help. There is a lot of information out there and the waters to navigate can feel treacherous.

Many retirees are in a position where they have managed their money thoughtfully and have made repeated choices over their working lifetime to plan for tomorrow rather than live for today.   Now in their retirement years, however, many express finding it challenging shifting from a saving mindset to a spending mindset and just what that responsibly looks like.

Retiree Financial Coaching includes coaching to address both the informational and behavioral aspect of having a healthy relationship with your money in the retirement season.



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