You know your business needs a financial professional to move you to the next level – but where do you start to find the right person?

For smaller companies, business owners may opt to use a bookkeeping service or even do their own bookkeeping while they are growing their business. As the business starts to grow, there comes a point when a business owner is pulled in too many directions. They aren’t getting the financial analytics they need to run their business, and what was working in the beginning simply isn’t working now.

If your organization has experienced growth and change in recent years, your Finance Director/CFO today likely needs a different skillset than what was needed in the past.  The question then is:  can you invest in and develop the person in that role today, or is it time for a change?

Hiring the right  financial professional as your organization grows is critical, but often leaders aren’t sure exactly where to start.

Combining her 30+ years’ experience as a CFO and understanding of personality types and strengths, Debbie will work with you to evaluate your organization’s needs with consideration of technical skills required for the position, style of the current owner/CEO and leadership team, and culture of the company.
Based on the needs determined, Debbie takes the lead for the entire hiring process from writing a job description to setting compensation and generating an offer letter.

Debbie provides a unique, full-scope service far exceeding the services provided by a traditional executive search firm at a fraction of the cost.



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