Professional Development Coaching for CFOs and Controllers

First Time Controller/CFO

Did your organization recently hire or promote a professional that is serving in this role for their first time?  Stepping in as a Controller/CFO for the first time is exciting and challenging. The learning curve in the position is steep, and it is often the case that the President/CEO does not have a financial background and isn’t able to offer the guidance and mentoring that the new Controller/CFO would greatly benefit from.

Every seasoned Controller/CFO, if they are being completely honest, can share at least a few missteps or mistakes made back in their earliest years.  It is simply inevitable and a normal part of learning a new role. But what if those missteps and mistakes could be proactively mitigated with the support of an effective, experienced Controller/CFO Coach?

In her role as 1:1 Coach, Debbie will help your new Controller/CFO identify and avoid common pitfalls, prioritize and focus on first things first, and more quickly become a valuable asset to your organization’s leadership team. 

Controller and CFO Coaching

Is your Controller/CFO not getting you the information you and your leadership team or board need to effectively run your organization?    Do you have a Controller/CFO who is getting the work done, but struggling with building relationships with their colleagues and leading their team in an inspiring way?

While these are just two fairly typical examples of areas for growth for Controller/CFOs, where your Controller/CFO needs to develop to be more successful may look different.  

As coach to your Controller/CFO, Debbie can help you both better understand and define what success in this role should look like, identify factors that might be getting in the way of that success, and define and implement a plan to help your Controller/CFO move to a new level of performance and effectiveness in their role.



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