Self-Awareness Lays a Foundation Towards Improved Professional and Personal Relationships

As a certified Myers-Briggs practitioner, Debbie will guide you through the process to
verify your type and provide you with a series of exercises and explanations to make
use of this information.

You can use the information to better understand yourself, your motivations, your
strengths and potential areas for growth. It will also help you to better understand and
appreciate those who differ from you. This understanding and appreciation of the
differences in the way people prefer to function can greatly enhance the effectiveness of
how you relate to and work with colleagues, clients, family and friends.

Specific areas for growth you should expect from your time with Debbie include:

  • Improved communication skills.
  • Increased job satisfaction.
  • Ability to understand and reduce conflict.
  • Improving your abilities to effectively manage others – especially those whose
    preferences are different from your own.
  • Increased ability to manage change and reduce stress.
  • Improved time management.

This service includes an assessment tool, an initial 90 minute session and two 60-minute
follow up sessions. (Additional sessions can be purchased at an hourly rate.)



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